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    Normnot Academy



    At Normnot Apparel we believe investing in the youth to be the single most important thing a company can do to bring a positive culture into the community. We've partnered with our founders to create a program that could address perhaps the most important principle to see our world flourish: Mentoring. 

    According to MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, children at risk who had a mentor were:

    55% more likely to enroll in college

    52% less likely to skip school

    37% less likely to skip class

    78% more likely to volunteer regularly

    90% interested in become a mentor themselves

    130% more likely to hold leadership positions

    Youth who had a mentor also showed a better attitude towards school.

    Regular meetings between mentor and student saw that youth were:

    46% less likely to use drugs

    27% less likely to drink

    81% more likely to participate in extracurricular activities

    Normnot Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to provide educational resources and comprehensive mentoring programs to empower the youth, promote diversity, and self-development for all.

    Our vision is to equip the community with accessible mentoring programs that inspires a positive culture for the future of our youth. We are able to offer a holistic approach to mentoring and volunteering that emphasizes character building and life skills.

    The students that participate in this program learn leadership values and principles necessary to help them become great leaders in their communities and the world. By partnering with local schools and other nonprofit organizations, we are able to provide unique programs to hundreds of students in the Central Texas Area. 

    We hope to see every community take advantage of a holistic mentoring program that combines leadership education, mentoring and community outreach. We look to build a facility in every community to host these programs.

    When you purchase any of our products, you are contributing to the vision that can change every community and can have a sustaining positive impact on the world.

    To learn more about Normnot Academy, go to www.normnotacademy.org